What is ScrewBucks?
ScrewBucks is the affiliate program for Screw.com, the unlimited movie streaming and download site with hundreds of titles available in multiple formats with NO DRM! ScrewBucks is brought to you by Internet Key, the same group that has delivered successful adult affiliate programs since 1997. Internet Key's program successes started with www.sexkey.com, one of the first and largest Adult Entertainment Networks, and we have been building money-making programs for adult webmasters ever since.
How do I get paid?
ScrewBucks pays out on all trials and full memberships. Our billing cascade includes CC Bill, SegPay and 365 Billing to ensure we capture all possible members. We are in the process of assessing additional processors for our cascade.
When do I get paid?
We pay twice per month on the 15th and 30th via check, wire transfer, ePassporte or ACH. We always pay on time, without exception. Always on Time Internet Key always pays our affiliates on time without exception. We appreciate your efforts to help build our subscriber base and make certain that you get what you deserve.
Do you offer Pay Per Join?
We pay $35 per join. 1 month memberships cost $29.99 for consumers.
Do you offer Rev Share?
We offer a 60/40% rev share option. 1 month memberships cost $29.99 for consumers.
Can I sign up for both?
You can utilize both revenue models to determine which is more profitable for you.
How do I check the amount of clicks/sign-ups I have sent?
Stats can be checked by logging into your account and clicking the link to Stats on the main page. All stats are in real-time. No Delays in accessing your stats/signups.
Can I utilize multiple banners?
Yes, please test out various sizes and genres to determine which banner converts best for your traffic. The more banners you put up the more revenue generating opportunities you will enable. You can use the same link code on as many sites as you would like, or if you prefer to track each separately you can create separate accounts within the NATS interface. The link code can be found in the 'Marketing Tools' section.
Can I see my referring URLs from my stats interface?
Just click on your traffic totals and you will see a display of all the referring urls with totals for each one.
Do you offer marketing tools?
Yes, we offer an extensive variety of marketing tools for ScrewBucks. We have full page, half page, and every other standard banner. In addition, we have hosted MGPs and TPGs for numerous niches. If you have a special requirement, please send your detailed request to affiliates@screwbucks.com, and we will be happy to provide you with the tools you require.
Can I post your banners in pic posts and thumbnail gallery posts (TGPs)?
Yes, you may send traffic any way you like except e-mail traffic.
Can I promote ScrewBucks sites through e-mail?
We do not allow affiliates to market websites promoted through this program through the transmission of e-mails. No exceptions.
I have not received a payment check, what should I do?
For any inquiries regarding payment please email us at accounting@screwbucks.com .
I forgot my password/User ID, what should I do?
You can retrieve your password/user ID by contacting affiliates@screwbucks.com. Be sure to include your name, the e-mail address used to create your account and/or your ID number
How can I get help with my sites to make more money?
Please feel free to contact us to discuss additional methods to generate revenue at affiliates@screwbucks.com.
Do you provide all of the banner artwork, or can I make my own?
We provide a wide variety of tools for you to promote our program. However, if you wish to utilize your own banners and promotional tools, you are welcome to, provided they are reviewed and approved by our Compliance Department.
What are the official ScrewBucks Terms and Conditions?
Program Terms and Conditions are listed here.
My question wasn't answered, what now?
Please email affiliates@screwbucks.com, or contact one of our sales representatives. We believe in providing a high level of responsiveness to our affiliates and will reply to your inquiry in a rapid and professional manner.
How can I contact one of the sales representatives?
You can contact us by email at affiliates@screwbucks.com.
How do I contact Marketing or the Technical Department?
If you have any questions for marketing, you can e-mail us at affiliates@screwbucks.com. If you have any technical questions, please contact techsupport@ScrewBucks.com.